What is another word for moronic?

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[ m_ɔː_ɹ_ˈɒ_n_ɪ_k], [ mɔːɹˈɒnɪk], [ mɔːɹˈɒnɪk]

Synonyms for Moronic:

balmy (adjective) dull (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) feebleminded (adjective) foolish (adjective) ignorant (adjective) insane (adjective) senseless (adjective) simple (adjective) thick (adjective) unintellectual (adjective) balmy eastern poison oak foolish Other synonyms: oafish slow-witted softheaded witless

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Quotes for Moronic:

  1. There has been this- and it's reflected in the broadcasts- this moronic use of statistics. Which has suggested to everyone who is intelligent the use of statistics is moronic Michael Lewis.

Adjectives for Moronic:

  • utterly abysmal,
  • abysmal,
  • out-and-out,
  • just plain,
  • many other,
  • plain,
  • high,
  • stupid,
  • precious,
  • sudden,
  • sweet,
  • whole cockeyed,
  • cockeyed,
  • whole,
  • usual,
  • less,
  • fine,
  • washed-out,
  • utter.