What is another word for predispose?

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The term "predispose" typically refers to a person's likelihood of developing a certain trait or condition through factors such as genetics or environment. Synonyms for "predispose" include "inclined," "prone," "susceptible," "vulnerable," and "liable." Other related terms might include "predisposition," which refers to a preexisting tendency or bias towards a certain behavior or characteristic, and "precondition," which refers to a necessary requirement or circumstance that must be met in order for something else to occur. Understanding the nuances of these synonyms and related terms can help to more effectively communicate ideas related to personal tendencies and situational factors.

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How to use "Predispose" in context?

Predispose is a verb meaning "to cause (someone) to become disposed to do something," and is also the name of a major study investigating the causes of substance use disorders. The study focused on disorders that began in early adulthood, when individuals may have been more susceptible to developing a substance use disorder. The study found that certain psychological and social factors can increase an individual's predisposition to develop a substance use disorder, and that these factors can be difficult to change.

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