What is another word for predispose?

Pronunciation: [pɹiːdɪspˈə͡ʊz] (IPA)

The term "predispose" typically refers to a person's likelihood of developing a certain trait or condition through factors such as genetics or environment. Synonyms for "predispose" include "inclined," "prone," "susceptible," "vulnerable," and "liable." Other related terms might include "predisposition," which refers to a preexisting tendency or bias towards a certain behavior or characteristic, and "precondition," which refers to a necessary requirement or circumstance that must be met in order for something else to occur. Understanding the nuances of these synonyms and related terms can help to more effectively communicate ideas related to personal tendencies and situational factors.

Synonyms for Predispose:

What are the hypernyms for Predispose?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Predispose?

Hyponyms are more specific words categorized under a broader term, known as a hypernym.

What are the opposite words for predispose?

Antonyms are words with the opposite meaning of another word. For the word "predispose," antonyms could be words such as "immunize," "defend," "protect," "shield," or "guard." These words all convey a sense of resistance or protection against negative influences or hazards. Additionally, antonyms for "predispose" could include phrases such as "prevent from being influenced" or "counteract the effects of." By considering antonyms for a word like "predispose," writers and speakers can broaden their vocabulary and express themselves more precisely by using words that convey the opposite meaning of a given word.

What are the antonyms for Predispose?

Usage examples for Predispose

All this should predispose us to charity and sympathy.
Booth, William
Lemm's external appearance did not predispose one in his favour.
"A Nobleman's Nest"
Ivan Turgenieff
There was that in Clara's heart which did for a while predispose her to believe somewhat of this, to hope that it might not be altogether false.
"Castle Richmond"
Anthony Trollope

Famous quotes with Predispose

  • We see and hear and otherwise experience very largely as we do because the language habits of our community predispose certain choices of interpretation.
    Edward Sapir
  • The group of philosophical ideas that concerns us has been called by Popper, who has traced the impact of Plato's metaphysics on political thinking down to modern times. Even before Plato, Greek philosophy began to experience difficulties in dealing with change. If things grew, or passed away, they seem somehow unreal, suggesting that they belonged only to a world of appearances. Heraclitus, in adopting the notion that material things are illusory, maintained that all that really exists is "fire"—that is, process. ...To Plato, true reality exists in the essence, Idea, or . ...In the hands of Aristotle, essentialist metaphysics became somewhat altered. ...[H]e held that [essences] did not exist apart from things. His works embraced the concepts of teleology, empiricism, and natural science... to understand a thing was to know its essence, or to define it. ...A true system of knowledge thus became essentially a classification scheme... Plato and Aristotle... both embraced the notion that ideas or classes are more than just abstractions—that is... both advocated forms of "realism." ...Aristotle ...advocated heirarchical classification... classes were differentiated... by properties held in common... An implication, of enormous historical importance, was that it became very difficult to classify things which change, or... grade into one another, or even to conceive or to discuss them. Indeed, the very attempt to reason in terms of essences almost forces one to ignore everything dynamic or transitory. One could hardly design a philosophy better suited to predispose one toward dogmatic reasoning and static concepts. The Darwinian revolution thus depended upon the collapse of the Western intellectual tradition.

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