What is another word for Dooming?

Pronunciation: [dˈuːmɪŋ] (IPA)

Dooming is a word that refers to the act of bringing about certain failure or misfortune. However, there are several synonyms for dooming that can be used in order to add variation to one's writing or speech. Some of these synonyms include; cursing, jinxing, fate sealing, condemning, foretelling misfortune, bringing to a bad end, sentencing to failure, and predestining to doom. These synonyms are especially useful when trying to avoid repetition or when emphasizing the gravity of a situation. So, next time you are looking for alternative word options for dooming, these synonyms may come in handy.

What are the hypernyms for Dooming?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for Dooming?

The word "dooming" refers to a sense of impending disaster, failure, or destruction. Antonyms for "dooming" include words that convey a sense of hope, optimism, or possibility. These antonyms may include words like success, triumph, fortune, prosperity, opportunity, and potential. Words like these suggest the opposite of impending doom and instead suggest a sense of hope and positivity. Examples of antonyms for "dooming" in a sentence could be, "She saw great success in her future, rather than being dooming" or "Despite the challenges, she believed in her potential for triumph, not dooming.

Usage examples for Dooming

I think that the pomp itself, the lord and the lackeys, the fine house, and all her state struck as it were cold at my heart, Dooming to failure the mad appeal which they could not smother.
"Simon Dale"
Anthony Hope
And He, when he learned what they had done, was exceeding wroth and cursed them, Dooming them to sorrow and to the service of other men so long as the sun and moon should endure.
"By-Ways of Bombay"
S. M. Edwardes, C.V.O.
It was more than sorrow; it was a new existence, an irrevocable destiny, Dooming this innocent creature to smile no more.
"The Hated Son"
Honore de Balzac

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