What is another word for aptness?

Pronunciation: [ˈaptnəs] (IPA)

Aptness is a word that refers to how suitable or fitting something is for a particular situation. When searching for synonyms for this term, some of the words that come to mind include appropriateness, relevance, applicability, and suitability. Other possible synonyms include fitness, adaptability, congruity, congruence, and adequacy. Each of these words implies a level of appropriateness for a particular need or circumstance. For example, something that is appropriate might be suitable for a particular social event, while something that is relevant might be appropriate for a specific topic or conversation. Whatever the situation, there are always a number of different words that can be used to describe the aptness of something.

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Aptness is a term used to describe the suitability or fitness of something. It is often used to describe how well something fits a particular situation or circumstance. The antonyms for the word "aptness" are unsuitability, inappropriateness, insignificance, irrelevance, and inconsequence. When something is deemed as being unsuitable or inappropriate, it does not fit the situation or circumstance adequately. Significance refers to the lack of importance, while irrelevance refers to the lack of connection or relevance to the situation at hand. Finally, inconsequence means that something is lacking meaning or relevance and, therefore, not worth considering.

Usage examples for Aptness

And as the meal progressed and the excellent red wine passed, the young man revealed a nimble mind, like quicksilver rather than firm polished metal, which ran easily over the whole surface of life and entertained them with the aptness and scandalous candour of its expression.
William McFee
Matilda, frail but with that gentle tenacity of life that marks many women for longevity, settled at once into the semi-rough life of the cabin with innate delicacy and aptness.
"A Son of the Hills"
Harriet T. Comstock
"I bid ye fair:" is the motto that goes with the crest over the huge gateway between two towers, and the rumour is that the Americans, in bidding for the stone of the initials, quoted this motto; but their aptness did them no good.
"The Heather-Moon"
C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson

Famous quotes with Aptness

  • In an aphorism, aptness counts for more than truth.
  • He dedicated his Book of Principles to his most Illustrious Disciple, Elizabeth, Princess Palatine of the Rhine... The Princess had been Educated in the Knowledge of abundance of Languages, and in whatsoever Learning is comprised under the name of Litterae humaniores, or Politiores; but the elevation of, and profoundness of her genius and natural parts, would not suffer her to dwell long upon these Arts, by which the greatest Wits of her Sex, who are satisfied with desiring to seem somebody, are commonly limited. She desir'd to proceed to those parts of Learning, that the strongest Application of Men had advanced, and accomplish'd her self with, and became a great proficient in Philosophy and Mathematicks; till such time as seeing the Essays of Monsieur Des Cartes his Philosophy, she conceived such high esteem and affection for his Doctrine, that she look'd upon all she had learn'd till that time as good as nothing; and so put her self under his Tuition for to raise a new Structure upon his Principles. Thereupon she sends to him, to come and see her, that she might drink in the true Phi∣osophy at the Fountain Head; and the great desire to do her Service nearer, was one of the reasons that drew him to Leiden & to Eindegeest. Never did Master more happily improve the docibility, aptness, penetration, and withal the solidity of a Scholar's Mind. Having accustomed her insensibly to the profound Meditation of the grand Mysteries of Nature, and sufficiently exercising of her in the most abstracted Questions of Geometry, and the most sublime ones of Metaphysicks. There was no longer any thing abstruse or mysterious to her; and he ingeniously confesseth and owneth, that he had not yet met with any besides her (he excepted Regius in another place) that ever arrived at a perfect understanding of the Works he had published till that time. By this Testimony that he bore to the extraordinary Capacity of the Princess, he intended to distinguish her from those who were not able to apprehend his Metaphysicks, altho' they might have some insight into Geometry; and from those that were not able to understand his Geometry, altho' they might be pretty well vers'd in Metaphysical Truths. She continued to Philosophise with him Viva voce, till a certain Accident obliged her to absent herself from the Presence of the Queen of Bohemia her Mother, and to quit her abode in Holland for Germany; then she changed her Acquaintance into an Intelligence by Letter, which she kept afoot with him, by the Ministery of the Princesses her Sisters.
    René Descartes

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