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Disciplining is an essential aspect of achieving success in various aspects of life, including education, work, and personal relationships. However, it is also considered a challenging process, especially when dealing with individuals who are stubborn or resistant to change. There are several synonyms for disciplining, including correcting, coaching, training, guiding, and mentoring. Correcting involves helping individuals identify their mistakes and providing alternative solutions to address them. Coaching encompasses providing instructions, feedback, and encouragement to improve performance. Training involves developing new skills and knowledge to enhance performance, and mentoring focuses on inspiring and motivating individuals to achieve their goals. These synonyms demonstrate that disciplining involves helping individuals improve their behavior, skills, and mindset to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Every child, especially toddlers, has a natural inclination to want to please and be accepted by those around them. However, this inclination can get out of hand when it becomes a habit instead of a simple reaction to reward or punish children in a consistent and consistent manner.

When children are not disciplined in an effective and consistent way, they can develop dependence on Rewards and Punishments, expecting them to make them happy or Calm them down. When this connection between Discipline and Happiness or Calmness isbroken, the child may experience a loss of control, get angry and frustrated, and give up trying to follow the rules.

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