What is another word for touch off?

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[ tˈʌt͡ʃ ˈɒf], [ tˈʌt‍ʃ ˈɒf], [ t_ˈʌ_tʃ ˈɒ_f]

The phrase "touch off" can be used to mean ignite, start, trigger, or initiate. Synonyms for "touch off" include light, kindle, spark, initiate, commence, activate, set off, provoke, stimulate, incite, launch, inaugurate, instigate, and fire up. The phrase usually signifies a sudden and powerful start to something, like an argument, a movement, or an event. "Touch off" can also be used to describe the act of causing an explosion or a fire. In any context, "touch off" means to set something in motion or start something, often with a strong and immediate impact.

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    What are the opposite words for touch off?

    Touch off is a phrasal verb that means to cause something to start, ignite or trigger. Some of the antonyms for touch off include extinguish, pacify, calm, terminate, and quell. Extinguish means to put out or stop something such as a flame or fire. Pacify means to calm or soothe someone's emotions. Calm means to reduce excitement, tension, or agitation. Terminate means to bring to an end or finish something. Quell means to suppress or put down something such as a rebellion or disturbance. These antonyms can be used in different contexts depending on the situation and what the writer or speaker intends to communicate.

    What are the antonyms for Touch off?

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