What is another word for quicksilver?

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Quicksilver is a term that refers to the element mercury in its liquid form. Some synonyms that can be used for quicksilver include liquid silver, elemental mercury, quicksilver metal, mercury element, and mercurial fluid. Other words that are closely associated with quicksilver include fluid, metallic, reflective, and lustrous. These synonyms can be used interchangeably in technical or scientific discussions involving the element and its properties. Quicksilver has been used in various applications including electrical switches, thermometers, and barometers. While the use of quicksilver is now limited due to its toxic nature, these synonyms continue to be used in various areas of research and industry.

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    Quicksilver is an element with the chemical symbol Hg and atomic number 26. Quicksilver is the only metal that flows easily in cold or hot water without freezing or boiling.

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