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Barium is a chemical element with the atomic number 56 and the symbol Ba. It belongs to the family of alkaline earth metals and is highly reactive. Some common synonyms for barium include baryta, barite, barium sulfate, barium oxide, and barium carbonate. Baryta is a white crystalline compound and is used in photographic paper and in printing ink. Barite is a mineral that is commonly used to obtain the element barium and is also used in the manufacturing of paints, rubber, and plastics. Barium sulfate is used in medical imaging and to increase the density of fluids for oil and gas drilling. Barium oxide is used as a catalyst, and barium carbonate is used in the production of glass and ceramic materials.

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    Usage examples for Barium

    Butler Burke of Cambridge has also made a series of experiments with radium and barium salts analogous to those of Dubois.
    "The Mechanism of Life"
    Stéphane Leduc
    This is allowed to settle, and the clear liquor being decanted the vessel is filled with water, and when the precipitate settles the liquor is again decanted, and continue to repeat these washings until the sulphate of potash is washed quite out; this is known by adding a little chloride of barium to a small quantity of the washings, and when there is no white precipitate formed by the test, the precipitate is sufficiently washed.
    "Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets"
    Daniel Young
    Thus Davy, starting in 1807, applied the method of electrolysis, using a development of Volta's pile as a source of current; in a short time he discovered aluminum, barium, boron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and strontium.
    "A Brief History of Element Discovery, Synthesis, and Analysis"
    Glen W. Watson

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