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Cadmium is a toxic metal commonly used in various industrial applications. Due to its harmful effects, there are different synonyms used among researchers and chemists. Some of the common synonyms include Cd, Kadmium, Cadmio, and Cadmia. Cd is the most widely used abbreviation for this metal. Kadmium is the Dutch spelling for this element. Cadmio and Cadmia are mostly used in Spanish and Italian language respectively. Additionally, Cd also has some isotopes, and their respective names are also used as synonyms. Some of the isotopic synonyms are Cadmium-116, Cadmium-106, and Cadmium-112. In essence, cadmium has several synonyms depending on the context and application.

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How to use "Cadmium" in context?

Cadmium is a metal that is found in different places all over the Earth. It can be found in soil, water, and rocks. Cadmium is used in products like batteries and solar panels. Cadmium is also found in heavy metals pollution.

Pollution from heavy metals like cadmium can cause health problems. Some people can feel tired, have a headache, or experience muscle weakness. Heavy metals can also affect the immune system. In the long term, heavy metal pollution can cause cancer.

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