What is another word for turnabout?

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[ tˈɜːnɐbˌa͡ʊt], [ tˈɜːnɐbˌa‍ʊt], [ t_ˈɜː_n_ɐ_b_ˌaʊ_t]

Turnabout is a term that refers to a sudden change or reversal of an action, decision, or course of events. There are several synonyms for turnabout that can be used interchangeably such as a reversal, flip-flop, U-turn, turn around, about-face, change of direction, and change of course. These synonyms are often used to describe a sudden change in opinion, political stance, or a strategic shift in business. They are also commonly used to convey a change in the weather, tide, or a game-changing moment in sports. Overall, turnabout and its synonyms are powerful expressions that capture the essence of sudden, unexpected change.

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    Turnabout is a word that refers to a complete reversal of direction, attitude, or opinion. It is often used in the context of a sudden transformation in a situation or a person's behavior. Antonyms of turnabout include consistency, stability, steadfastness, and immutability. These words describe the state of being unchanging, reliable and predictable. While turnabout implies a sudden and unpredictable shift in direction, the words consistency, stability, steadfastness, and immutability suggest constancy and predictability. In other words, while turnabout signifies change, transformation, or upheaval, its antonyms denote the lack of change or constancy.

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    Usage examples for Turnabout

    And now that I have asked what you did for Christmas, I suspect it is no more than a fair turnabout to tell you what I did.
    "Mary Marie"
    Eleanor H. Porter
    In international relations, too, there's only one description for what, together, we have achieved: a complete turnabout, a revolution.
    "State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan"
    Ronald Reagan
    "I'll hop her along," cried he, laughing with the excitement of the thing, as he made the turnabout, "till she won't believe it's her!"
    "Angela's Business"
    Henry Sydnor Harrison

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