What is another word for radiating?

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Radiating is the act of emitting energy or spreading outward in different directions. The word 'radiating' can be replaced with many synonyms to convey a similar meaning, such as emanating, beaming, shining, glowing, warming, illuminating, spreading, circulating, diffusing, and disseminating. The word 'emanating' means the same as radiating, it refers to the process of emitting, issuing, or spreading out from a source. 'Beaming' refers to the bright or radiant quality that radiates from something or someone. 'Shining' signifies the emission of light or brightness, while 'glowing' refers to the emission of a warm or intense light. All these synonyms for 'radiating' can be used depending on the context and intended meaning.

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    Radiation is a type of energy that travels through the air, or any other medium, as a wave. When a particle or wave is issued from a radioactive material or device, it will emit radiation. Radiation is invisible and can travel through walls, floors and other materials. Radiation can cause cancer if it is ingested or absorbed through the skin. Radioactivity is the result of the nucleus of an atom breaking down, and is a natural occurrence. It occurs in nature, in the earth's rocks, and in radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium.

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