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Medley is a versatile word that means a mixture or blend of different things, often in music. Some synonyms for medley include a hodgepodge, a potpourri, a melange, a mishmash, a fusion, a collage, a smorgasbord, an assortment, and a jumble. These words describe a variety of things mixed together, creating a diversity of elements in a single entity. If you're looking to add some spice to your writing or conversation, you can use one of these synonyms for medley to make your point with precision. Whatever your preferred word might be, it's clear that a medley is a unique and multifaceted entity.

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How to use "Medley" in context?

A medley is a musical composition that is made up of several different melodies or themes. It is usually a mixture of different styles, and can be a very enjoyable and powerful way to express yourself musically.

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