What is another word for say-so?

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Say-so refers to someone's assertion or opinion on a particular subject. It is an informal term that can be replaced by various synonyms to provide a more formal or sophisticated expression. Some synonyms for 'say-so' include: statement, testimony, affirmation, declaration, claim, assertion, proclamation, and avowal. Other alternatives can include expressions such as 'assert', 'declare', 'contend', 'maintain', 'avouch', or 'affirm'. These alternatives can be used in various contexts, including business, legal, or academic environments, and can convey different levels of certainty or conviction. By using alternative words, you can add variety to your communication and express your ideas in a more nuanced and precise way.

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    The word "say-so" is often used as a reinforcement to encourage others to do something. It comes from the phrase "give me a say-so," meaning that you would like to be consulted on the matter. Often, when someone gives someone else a say-so, they are implicitly giving that person permission to tell that person what to do. This may be used as a form of influence to get someone to do what they want, or as a way to build an authority figure's trustworthiness.

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