What is another word for says?

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The word "says" is a common and widely used verb in the English language. However, using the same word repeatedly can make a sentence appear mundane and repetitive. To spice up your writing and convey your thoughts in an interesting way, it is essential to use synonyms for "says". Some alternate words for "says" include "states", "remarks", "asserts", "declares", "mentions", "exclaims", "enunciates", "articulates", and "verbalizes". These words not only add variety to your writing but also help in effectively communicating the intended message. By incorporating these synonyms for "says" in your writing, you can make your language more engaging and expressive.

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    How to use "Says" in context?

    Says is a new parliamentary procedure that allows Members of Parliament (MPs) to ask questions and make statements in the House of Commons.

    Says enables MPs to bypass the usual order of business in the House, and speak on any issue they choose.

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