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The word "admixture" refers to a mixture of two or more substances or elements. Synonyms for admixture include blend, combination, mixture, amalgamation, concoction, fusion, medley, amalgam, and alloy. A blend refers to a combination of two or more things that are different but work well together. A combination refers to two or more things being placed together to form one entity. A concoction refers to a mixture of ingredients, especially one that is unusual or not obvious. Fusion refers to the combination of two or more things into a single entity. Medley refers to a mixture of different things that are often combined in an unlikely way. An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals, while an amalgamation is a mixture of different things, typically metals or substances.

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How to use "Admixture" in context?

When we think of genetics, we typically think of two genomes that are separate and independent. However, this is not always the case. There are times when two genomes are mixed together, or are a mixture of two different kinds of genomes. This is called admixture, and it can happen between two people who are a couple, or between two groups of people who are interacting.

Admixture can have a wide variety of effects on the genetics of individuals. For example, it can change which variants are more common in a population, or it can change the overall makeup of a population.

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