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The word "smudge" has multiple synonyms that can be used as per different contexts. Some synonyms of smudge are blotch, smear, stain, blemish, mark, spot, splotch, dirt, and grime. These words can be used in various situations like describing a dirty surface, a stained garment or a smudged painting. A smudge is typically a small and irregular mark that blurs or clouds an otherwise clear surface. The above synonyms help to convey the same visually and emotionally charged meaning in different ways. Using synonyms for smudge can enhance our writing and add variety to our vocabulary.

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How to use "Smudge" in context?

Smudging or burning sage is a traditional way to cleanse and purify objets such as crystals, deities or any area one desires to focus and ward off negative energy. Some believe that the smoke from burning sage enters the body and cleanses all the chakras.

Smudging is also a great way to encourage positive energy. When you light a sage smudge stick andplace it in front of a deity, excess energy will be drawn up to the object and dispersed. If you'd like to smudge an object but don't have any sage, incense will work just as well.

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