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The word "shire" commonly refers to a county in England, but there are many synonyms that can be used interchangeably. For example, "county" is the most commonly used synonym for shire. Other synonyms include "province," "region," "territory," and "district." Some other synonyms could be "jurisdiction", "county palatine" and "shireland". While all of these words refer to a geographical area, they may differ slightly in terms of size and boundaries. Nevertheless, these synonyms provide a good alternative when looking to add variety to a piece of writing or to avoid overuse of one word.

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Sheerness is the only town in England to have a 'shire' designation and sits on the easternmost point of the mainland. The town took its name from the Sheerness manor and parish, which in turn was derived from the Old English word 'scir' meaning 'a piece of land, district or estate'.

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