What is another word for smarting?

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Smarting is a word that is generally used to describe the feeling of sharp pain or discomfort. Synonyms for the word "smarting" include stinging, throbbing, prickling, aching, burning, hurting, twinging, and tingling. These words can be helpful when trying to describe different types of pain or discomfort in more detail. For example, a stinging sensation may be more focused and sudden, while an ache may be more dull and persistent. By using these synonyms, you can provide a more accurate description of your experience, which can be helpful when seeking medical advice or treatment.

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How to use "Smarting" in context?

and "smarting off"

I know it's tough when you get bit by the smarting bug. You feel like you need to go off on someone, preferably in a playful and constructive way, to make the hurt go away. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach backfires and instead of making things better, you end up making them worse. Here are four ways to avoid "smarting off" and adroitly manage your smarts instead.

1. Recognize that the smarting feeling is temporary and the hurt might not even be real.

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