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The word "spiny" is typically used to describe objects with needle-like protrusions, such as cacti or the spines on a hedgehog. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can also convey a similar meaning. Some of these words include prickly, barbed, spiky, thorny, bristly, and jagged. All of these words imply a sharp or pointed object that can cause discomfort or pain. Additionally, the word "spiny" can also be used metaphorically to describe a difficult person or situation. In this case, synonyms might include thorny, difficult, prickly, or challenging.

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Spiny creatures are difficult to categorize. Typically, they are classified as animals, but there are exceptions. Zoologists can be forgiven for not knowing what to do with spiny creatures, as they have a very confusing taxonomy. For the purposes of this article, spiny creatures will be classified as animals.

Spiny animals are difficult to ignore. They are usually small, but their protection mechanisms can make them appear larger. They often have sharp spikes on their skin, which can make them unpleasant to touch. Some spiny animals use their spikes for defense, while others use them for locomotion.

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