What is another word for steep?

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Steep is a versatile word that can be used to describe various things, from the gradient of a hill to the price of an item. If you're looking for synonyms for the word "steep," you might try "sheer," which conveys a similar sense of steepness or verticality. "Rapid" and "abrupt" are also good choices, as they suggest a sudden change in elevation or price. Other options might include "precipitous," "extreme," "sharp," or "dramatic." As with any word, the context in which it is used will help determine the most appropriate synonym, so be sure to consider the tone and meaning of your overall message before choosing one.

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    Synonyms for Steep:

    How to use "Steep" in context?

    I think everyone has a definition of "steep" that they prefer. Here are four of mine:

    1. Steeper than it needs to be.

    2. Troublesome or difficult to climb.

    3. Made from hard, sharp slopes.

    4. Uneven or mountainous.

    When Americans think of "steep," they likely envision paved roadways, long hills, and mountains. But what about mountains in other countries? There are great examples of steep slopes in countries such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom, where mountains are shaped by glaciers.

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