What is another word for acicular?

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The word 'acicular' refers to something that is shaped like a needle. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for this term to describe similar types of structures. These include words such as 'needle-like,' 'pointed,' 'spiky,' 'sharp,' and 'thorn-like.' Each of these terms can be used to describe structures that have a similar shape to a needle or point, such as crystals, spines, or even certain types of leaves. By using these synonyms interchangeably, it is possible to be more precise and descriptive in one's writing or speech.

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    Acicular means having a sharp point or ending. In botany, acicular means having a sharp point or ending on the stem, leaves, or flowers of a plant. Acicular growth is very characteristic of certain types of mushrooms, of which there are many species. Examples include the ink cap, Porphyrellus porphyreus, and the puffball, Lycoperdon lutescens. Acicular growth is also characteristic of some millipedes, such as members of the genus Pogonias.

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