What is another word for mordant?

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Mordant is a word that typically refers to the sharpness of wit or comments that are caustic and sarcastic. Some possible synonyms for mordant include biting, cutting, acerbic, trenchant, scathing, caustic, piercing, satirical, sardonic, cutting, or abrasive. These words are often used to describe someone who is quick-witted and sarcastic, or to describe an insult or remark that is particularly biting or hurtful. While mordant tends to focus on the sharpness of the comment, these other synonyms may emphasize other qualities like irony or humor.

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Mordant (noun):

-A agent that enhances the dyeing of fabrics by stimulating the body to release more dyes than normal.

-A colorant that intensifies the hue of a dye.

-A material that coagulates blood.

There are many different mordants used in fabrics, but the most common are based on alum, copper, and sulfur. Each of these substances has different properties that make them useful for fabric dyeing. Copper mordants are especially effective at brightening hues while alum mordants add brightness and stability to shades.

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