What is another word for spue?

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The word "spue" is a synonym of "vomit" or "throw up". Although it may not be a common word used in everyday conversation, it is still a useful word to have in your vocabulary. Some other synonyms for "spue" include "regurgitate", "emetic", "retch", and "disgorge". Each of these words have slightly different connotations and are used in different contexts. For example, "retch" is often used to describe the sensation of feeling like you are going to vomit, while "emetic" is a more scientific term used to describe substances that induce vomiting. Regardless of the synonym used, the word "spue" often connotes a sense of disgust and physical discomfort.

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    How to use "Spue" in context?

    Spue is a disgusting mixture of vomit and food that is regurgitated from the mouth. It is usually caused by choking or a blocked airway. The vomit and food mix and cause the person to spue.

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