What is another word for synthesized?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪnθəsˌa͡ɪzd] (IPA)

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word "synthesized," there are numerous options to choose from, depending on the context. Some of the most common alternatives include blended, merged, combined, assembled, integrated, concocted, fused, amalgamated, unified, and consolidated. Other variations could include harmonized, homogenized, compiled, composed, generated, manufactured, produced, coordinated, and orchestrated. These synonyms can be especially helpful when trying to convey a specific meaning or tone in a piece of writing or speech. No matter which synonym you choose, it's important to ensure that it accurately portrays the intended message and maintains the proper tone.

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What are the hypernyms for Synthesized?

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Usage examples for Synthesized

Sulphuric acid, the most useful of the acids, is not made directly from its salts, but has to be synthesized.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams
New organic compounds are constantly being discovered and synthesized, so that nearly 100,000 are now known.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams
When properly synthesized draanga-weed had a medicinal value on the various planets.
"One Purple Hope!"
Henry Hasse

Famous quotes with Synthesized

  • The advent of electronically synthesized sound after World War II has unquestionably had enormous influence on music in general.
    George Crumb
  • That's what I miss out of all this synthesized music - it starts to lose dynamics.
    Glenn Frey
  • I agree with the rest of the band, that a truly synthesized sound isn't really what I would want to go for.
    Mike Gordon
  • Lorian Press could have simply reprinted the first edition of , from 1976. I liked its length (only 50,000 words), it covered almost all the ground I do here, and I wanted to prove to you that the perspective I synthesized – the perspective of many people in the social change movements of today – goes back to the Nixon-Ford era, when the traditional left and right both lost their way. It was not spontaneously generated by any single social movement of the last 40 years. Rather, all our movements have been re-inventing, adding to, and deepening a perspective that already in the 1970s stood as our only real alternative to More Of The Same.
    Mark Satin

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