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Deepening is a process of intensifying or enhancing something, whether it's a relationship or one's understanding of a topic. The synonyms for deepen include: 1) Strengthen - to make something stronger or more sturdy. 2) Intensify - making something more intense or extreme. 3) Heighten - to raise the level of something, often emotionally or mentally. 4) Enrich - to add value or depth to something. 5) Expand - to broaden or increase the scope or range of something. 6) Augment - to make something bigger or more significant. 7) Ameliorate - to improve, enhance, or better something. All these synonyms can be used interchangeably with "deepen" to describe a journey of improvement, understanding, or growth towards a specific goal or outcome.

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How to use "Deepen" in context?

One of the key concepts in meditation is to "deepen" the experience by focusing on a specific object or image. This practice allows the mind to become more concentrated and still, which leads to more insight. Here are four ways to deepen your meditation practice:

1. Choose a peaceful object to focus on. Find something that is calming and visually appealing, like a flower, a still pool, or a serene image.

2. Choose a mantra to mentally repeat. A mantra is a word or phrase that you focus on in order to quiet your mind and ease your focus.

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