What is another word for Allying?

Pronunciation: [ˈala͡ɪɪŋ] (IPA)

Allying is the act of forming an association or partnership with someone or something. There are various synonyms for this term, such as teaming up, collaborating, cooperating, joining forces, working together, uniting, standing together, and banding together. These synonyms all involve the act of coming together to achieve a mutual goal or objective. Other synonyms for allying include aligning, partnering, uniting, confederating, coalescing, and joining hands. These words can be used in different contexts, such as business, politics, sports, and even personal relationships. Overall, the synonyms for allying represent the power of unity and the benefits of working together towards a common purpose.

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What are the opposite words for Allying?

Allying is a verb that describes the act of forming a connection or association with someone or something. The opposite of allying, which means to break apart or disconnect, are several antonyms, including alienating, estranging, isolating, separating, and disuniting. Alienating refers to the process of making someone feel unwelcome or distant, while estranging describes the act of pushing away or distancing oneself from others. Isolating refers to the process of separating or secluding someone, while separating indicates the act of splitting something apart or severing ties. Finally, disuniting is the act of breaking apart a union or alliance. These antonyms provide insight into the various ways that allying can be undone or stopped.

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Usage examples for Allying

In Allying itself to some extent with Parnell, in abandoning for the time in his interests its revolutionary propaganda, it seemed to have weakened its own moral force, while it did not succeed in winning even Home Rule.
"The Evolution of Sinn Fein"
Robert Mitchell Henry
To-day the thought of Allying themselves with thousands of other girls and women in the effort to do good, set every pulse to new beating, that had ever throbbed with one spark of love for the Master; and there succeeded one memorable quilting where Dame Gossip was almost entirely excluded.
"Sara, a Princess"
Fannie E. Newberry
Then she could not but realize what a fine match it would be in a worldly point of view, Allying her with those families she had, all her life, been taught to consider as first in her little world.
"Sara, a Princess"
Fannie E. Newberry

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