What is another word for tatterdemalion?

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[ tˌatədɪmˈali͡ən], [ tˌatədɪmˈali‍ən], [ t_ˌa_t_ə_d_ɪ_m_ˈa_l_iə_n]

Tatterdemalion is an uncommon word that refers to someone who is dressed in shabby, ragged clothes. If you're looking for some alternative words to spice up your vocabulary, you can try using some of the following synonyms for tatterdemalion: vagrant, beggar, slob, bum, tramp, ragpicker, or drifter. These words all share a common theme of depicting someone who is unkempt and impoverished. Other related words you might find useful include scruffy, disheveled, frayed, threadbare, dilapidated, or rundown. Whether you're writing about a fictional character or trying to make a more creative first impression, these synonyms can add an extra layer of flair to your language.

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How to use "Tatterdemalion" in context?

Tatterdemalion is a term used to describe a worn-out or ancient person. The term is derived from the Old English word tatterdemalion, meaning "one who is tattered and ragged." The Oxford English Dictionary defines tatterdemalion as a "worn-out, tattered person, esp. one who is advanced in years.

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