What is another word for convolution?

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Convolution is a complex and technical term used to describe a range of situations, from mathematical calculations to neurological processes. Synonyms for convolution might include entanglement, complexity, intricacy, or interconnectedness. These words convey a sense of the interwoven nature of different factors or elements within a system, and suggest that understanding the whole requires attention to the details of each individual part. Other possible synonyms for convolution might include elaboration, convolution, convolutedness, or complication. These words emphasize the difficulty or complexity involved in understanding a particular situation, and suggest that unraveling the tangle of details is a difficult and challenging task.

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How to use "Convolution" in context?

Convolution is a mathematical operation that allows the calculation of partial derivatives of valued functions at selected points in space or time.

Convolution can be performed in both 2D and 3D space. When performed in 3D space, convolution is also known as volume envelope calculation or wavelet decoding.

Convolution can be applied to signals and waveforms to reconstruct their components or to manipulate them. Common applications of convolution include image processing, noise reduction, sound synthesis, and signal encryption.

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