What is another word for amount to?

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[ ɐmˈa͡ʊnt tuː], [ ɐmˈa‍ʊnt tuː], [ ɐ_m_ˈaʊ_n_t t_uː]

Synonyms for Amount to:

How to use "Amount to" in context?

The verb "amount to" is used to describe how much something is worth. When used with a noun, it is often used to emphasize that the number is precise. For example, "The car is worth $10,000." In this sentence, the car is specifically worth $10,000.

When amounting to is used with a number, it is just used as a measurement. For example, "I bagged 20 apples. That amounts to $2.50." In this sentence, the speaker bagged 20 apples, which equals $2.50.

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