What is another word for enclaves?

Pronunciation: [ˈɛnkle͡ɪvz] (IPA)

Enclaves are defined as geographic areas wholly encircled by another country or territory. Synonyms for the term "enclaves" include exclaves, pockets, isolated territories, surrounded lands, and detached territories. These terms refer to small geographic areas that are isolated or separated from the surrounding terrain or country. The term "enclave" is often used in reference to ethnic or cultural communities, while "exclave" refers to areas that are geographically separate but politically attached to another country. Other similar concepts include microstates, city-states, and autonomous regions. Regardless of the terminology used, these areas are notable for their unique geographic and political characteristics.

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What are the hypernyms for Enclaves?

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What are the opposite words for enclaves?

The word "enclaves" refers to a group or area that is surrounded by a different culture, territory or community. Its antonyms, or opposite words, would be words associated with openness and integration. Some examples of antonyms for enclaves are diffusion, dispersion, diversity and integration. These words denote the process of spreading or spreading out in a harmonious and diverse way, rather than remaining isolated or separated. Other antonyms that can be used for enclaves include inclusion, amalgamation, blending, and assimilation, all of which depict the opposite of isolation and segregation. These antonyms help to contrast the negative connotations associated with enclaves and highlight the value of diversity, inclusion, and cultural exchange.

What are the antonyms for Enclaves?

Usage examples for Enclaves

It lies mostly in the plains but contains a considerable area in the low hills and higher up two enclaves, Bakloh and Dalhousie, surrounded by Chamba villages.
"The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir"
Sir James McCrone Douie
"You know, Frank, there must be quite a few little enclaves of lower-case-literacy like that, in back-woods and mountain communities, especially in the west and the south.
Henry Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire
3. To the constant ally of Napoleon, to the King of Saxony, in that character Austria ceded some Bohemian enclaves in Saxony end, in his capacity of Grand Duke of Warsaw, she added to his Polish dominions the ancient city of Cracow, and all Western Galicia.
"The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte"
Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton

Famous quotes with Enclaves

  • The big majority of Americans, who are comparatively well off, have developed an ability to have enclaves of people living in the greatest misery without almost noticing them.
    Gunnar Myrdal
  • “When your people began to press upon us, long, long ago, we moved into remote enclaves. To us, numbers are not strength; wisdom is strength. What profiteth a race to be numerous and stupid, la? She laughed.
    Sheri S. Tepper
  • Everywhere you look — Britain, the States, western Europe — people are sealing themselves into crime-free enclaves.
    J. G. Ballard

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