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Enclaves are defined as geographic areas wholly encircled by another country or territory. Synonyms for the term "enclaves" include exclaves, pockets, isolated territories, surrounded lands, and detached territories. These terms refer to small geographic areas that are isolated or separated from the surrounding terrain or country. The term "enclave" is often used in reference to ethnic or cultural communities, while "exclave" refers to areas that are geographically separate but politically attached to another country. Other similar concepts include microstates, city-states, and autonomous regions. Regardless of the terminology used, these areas are notable for their unique geographic and political characteristics.

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    How to use "Enclaves" in context?

    An enclave is a geographic area within a country that is not fully within that country, but which is surrounded by it. There are two main types of enclaves: those within sovereign states, and those within territories not under sovereign control. Enclaves can occur as a result of a treaty, occupation, or delimitation. Enclaves can also occur when two states have a dispute over a territory, with one state claiming authority over the entire territory while the other state asserts sovereignty only over part of it. Enclaves can also form by annexation.

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