What is another word for decorous?

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Decorous is an adjective that is used to describe behavior or manner that is polite, gentle, and socially acceptable. Synonyms for decorous include dignified, gracious, refined, genteel, civilized, suave, well-mannered, courteous, respectable, and proper. These words are often used to describe someone who displays good etiquette, conducts themselves with poise and elegance, and who is mindful of others. When applied to an environment, decorous can also be replaced by synonyms like tasteful, elegant, stylish, and subdued. Overall, decorous is a word that conveys a sense of propriety and sophistication, and its synonyms reflect that same level of refinement.

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    How to use "Decorous" in context?

    Decorous is a word that means worthy of respect or admiration. A room or space can be decorous if it is tidy and clean. There is a certain level of decorum that needs to be followed in order to maintain a peaceful and orderly atmosphere. This includes not making too much noise, not speaking in a hurry, and not being disrespectful to others.

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