What is another word for magical?

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[ mˈad͡ʒɪkə͡l], [ mˈad‍ʒɪkə‍l], [ m_ˈa_dʒ_ɪ_k_əl]

Magic is enchanting and alluring. It invokes a sense of mystery and wonder. Synonyms for the word "magical" include words such as extraordinary, mystical, spellbinding, captivating, supernatural, and enchanting. These words are all related to the mystical and wondrous properties that are often associated with magic. They all convey a sense of power, wonder, and mystery that captivate us. Whether we are talking about mystical creatures, magical powers, or simply the power of the imagination, these words can all be used to describe the awe-inspiring nature of magic. In short, magical synonyms are all about inspiring wonder and enchantment in the hearts and minds of those who experience them.

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    Magical is a word used to describe something that is enchanting, remarkable, or captivating. It denotes an element of wonder, imagination, and fantasy. Antonyms for the word magical would be words that convey normality, reality, and dullness. Such antonyms could include words like ordinary, mundane, commonplace, or pedestrian. These words describe things that are simply average or unremarkable, a far cry from the captivating quality of a magical experience. In contrast to magical experiences which often inspire awe and wonder, antonyms such as mundane or pedestrian generally do not spark any strong emotions in people.

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    Usage examples for Magical

    From horizon to zenith, cascades of milk-colored fire ascended and fell, as must the magical fountains of heaven.
    "My Attainment of the Pole"
    Frederick A. Cook
    I thrilled with the beauty of the magical spectacle, yet, when I viewed the perilous pathway, I felt the grip of terror again at my heart.
    "My Attainment of the Pole"
    Frederick A. Cook
    I fancied that I had already remarked the magical effects of this light, but find that only to-day the scales have really dropped from my eyes.
    "The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
    Paul Heyse

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