What is another word for business cycle?

Pronunciation: [bˈɪznəs sˈa͡ɪkə͡l] (IPA)

The business cycle refers to the economic pattern in which economies move through stages of growth, contraction, and recovery. Synonyms for the business cycle include economic cycle, trade cycle, and boom-bust cycle. The economic cycle involves shifts in economic activity, such as changes in investment and spending levels, which impact production, employment, and prices. The trade cycle describes the fluctuations in economic activity associated with changes in international trade and commerce. The boom-bust cycle focuses on periods of rapid expansion followed by contractions, leading to economic instability. Whatever the term used, understanding and tracking the patterns in the business cycle is essential for making informed financial and business decisions.

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Famous quotes with Business cycle

  • Inflation is lower and more stable and the real business cycle fluctuations are more modest.
    Martin Feldstein
  • This crisis is not simply a more severe version of the usual business cycle recession, the typical downturn in which economies ultimately adjust and stabilize.
    Timothy Geithner
  • For policy makers interested in using tax policy to stimulate investments or especially to smooth business cycle fluctuations, the results are not promising.
    Austan Goolsbee
  • There will always be a business cycle, and white-collar workers will get hit in the next recession like they always do in recessions.
    Robert Reich
  • Hayek had high regard for Marx in technical economic theory and considered him a predecessor in his business cycle theory. [...] It was not in technical economic theory that the classical Austrians disagreed with Marx. So towering a figure in history is Marx that discussion of his thought in summary form is always difficult, for there is so much that he said and that others have said about him. At the same time, so tendentious, ill-spirited, and just plain wrong a thinker was Marx that it is surprising that he may have had some of the influence attributed to him. Hayek’s opposition to Marx was in the realm of practical political emanations from Marx’s thought. Here he considered Marx’s influence to have been wholly pernicious.
    Alan O. Ebenstein

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