What is another word for fixation?

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The word "fixation" refers to an obsessive preoccupation or attachment to something. Synonyms for this word include obsession, fixation, mania, infatuation, compulsion, addiction, and preoccupation. Each of these words conveys a different nuance of the central concept of a fixation and can be used in different contexts. "Obsession" implies an intense and often irrational preoccupation with a person or thing, "maniac" suggests a hyper focus on a specific issue or topic, while "preoccupation" implies a more general, ongoing interest in something. Using a synonym for "fixation" can help to add variety, emphasis, and clarity to your writing or speech.

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    Fixation has come to be seen as a hallmark of mental illness and has been implicated in a variety of psychological problems. The term has been used to describe a fixation on a particular thought, image, or object. In some cases, this fixation can be quite debilitating, causing sufferers to be unable to focus on anything else. Fixation can also be a symptom of a number of other mental illnesses, such as obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder.

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