What is another word for book of facts?

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[ bˈʊk ɒv fˈakts], [ bˈʊk ɒv fˈakts], [ b_ˈʊ_k ɒ_v f_ˈa_k_t_s]

How to use "Book of facts" in context?

Once upon a time there was a magical book that could tell you anything you wanted to know. This magical book was known as the "book of facts." This lovely book could tell you the name of any person, place, or thing, and even the result of any complicated math question. The Book of Facts was so wonderful, in fact, that many people believed it to be real. Unfortunately, the Book of Facts never really existed... at least, not in the way people thought.

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Hyponym for Book of facts:

  • n.

    • communication

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