What is another word for script?

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The word "script" is commonly used to refer to a written text used for a variety of purposes, including plays, movies, television shows, and speeches. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used for the same purpose. For example, the word "manuscript" can be used to refer to a written or typed document that is intended for publication. Another synonym is "screenplay," which specifically refers to a script written for a movie or television show. Other synonyms for "script" include "text," "scenario," "libretto," and "dialogue." Each of these words has a slightly different connotation and usage, but can all be used interchangeably in certain contexts.

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    The term "script" generally implies a written or typed document which contains instructions for a performance or dialogue. Its antonyms can be words like "improvise," "ad-lib," "spontaneous," or "unplanned," which denote the opposite of written down and premeditated content. Other antonyms for "script" could be "mindmap," "outline," "mental blueprint," or "brainstorm." These represent the various stages before a finalized, written script is created or the approach to a creative endeavor where there is no single fixed vision nor clear storyline. The antonyms to "script" embody creativity, unpredictability, and adaptability, as opposed to rigidity and structure.

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    All hers, for lovingly she holds A yellow packet in her hand, Whose ancient, faded script proclaims Her title to this spreading land.
    "Songs Ysame"
    Annie Fellows Johnston Albion Fellows Bacon
    The boys saw the old man's eyes filled with tears as he handed it over and Billy, as he saw the inscription on it, in a quaint, old-fashioned script, realized why.
    "The Boy Aviators in Africa"
    Captain Wilbur Lawton
    Thereupon, from the little pocket of her blouse, which had held the pebble, the teacher took a folded paper, closely covered with her neatest script, and read therefrom paragraphs which alternately plunged her pupil into despair or exalted him to extravagant delight.
    "The Brass Bound Box"
    Evelyn Raymond

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