What is another word for undercurrent?

Pronunciation: [ˌʌndəkˈʌɹənt] (IPA)

Undercurrent is a word that describes a hidden, underlying feeling or motive. Synonyms for undercurrent include undertone, subcurrent, current, subtext, connotation, implication, suggestion, insinuation, nuance, hint, and tinge. All of these words can be used to describe a deeper meaning or emotion that is not immediately obvious. For example, an argument between two friends may have an undercurrent of jealousy or resentment that is not being expressed directly. Understanding the undercurrents in a situation can be important for clear communication and avoiding misunderstandings. These synonyms for undercurrent can help to describe the unspoken elements of a conversation or situation.

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Usage examples for Undercurrent

I find myself constantly shrinking, however, from some undercurrent of feeling which she doesn't express.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
Oppressed by the undercurrent feeling that it was all a fuss about very little, a thing of insignificant worth, and disturbed by the growing uncertainty of proving such a claim to the point of hair-breadth accuracy by any figures, despair overcame me.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
He discovered in the very beginning that below all her happy easy life, an undercurrent of apprehension, sometimes only vaguely felt, sometimes springing into sight like the eyes of some beast in the dark, kept company with her.
Hugh Walpole

Famous quotes with Undercurrent

  • There is an undercurrent of cultural changes in the Middle East region driven by the globalization of media and the Internet. Smart leaders will anticipate these changes and initiate gradual democratic reforms to avoid political instability and economic problems.
    Med Jones
  • I was wondering the other day, why it is we turn pop figures into idols? I have a theory, of course. I think we have this need to be cool, that there is this undercurrent in society that says some people are cool and some people aren't. And it is very, very important that we are cool. So when we find somebody who is cool on television or on the radio, we associate ourselves with this person to feel valid ourselves. And the problem I have with this is that we rarely know what the person believes whom we are associating ourselves with. The problem with this is that it indicates there is less value in what people believe, what they stand for; it only matters that they are cool. In other words, who cares what I believe about life, I only care that I am cool. Because in the end, the undercurrent running through culture is not giving people value based upon what they believe and what they are doing to aid society, the undercurrent is deciding their value based upon whether of not they are cool.
    Don Miller (author)
  • makes the reader feel the dark, desperate undercurrent of his character's schemes and struggles.in Howard's fiction the underlying black mood of pessimism is always thereConan represented the ability to escape briefly from black reality that Howard wished he could emulate.
    Robert E. Howard

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