What is another word for beguile?

Pronunciation: [bɪɡˈa͡ɪl] (IPA)

Beguile is a verb that means to charm or enchant someone, often in a deceptive way. However, there are numerous synonyms that can be used instead of beguile to give a clearer understanding of the context. These include words like entice, captivate, seduce, allure, enchant, bewitch, fascinate, lull, entrance, coax, manipulate, and deceive. Each of these synonyms offers a slightly different meaning, so it is important to choose the right word that fits the intended meaning. For instance, seduction implies a more physically intimate approach, while manipulation suggests a more devious intention. Ultimately, mastering synonyms for beguile will set you apart as a nuanced and more articulate communicator.

Synonyms for Beguile:

What are the hypernyms for Beguile?

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What are the hyponyms for Beguile?

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What are the opposite words for beguile?

Beguile is a word that means to deceive or trick someone. Antonyms for the word beguile would include words like inform, enlighten or notify. These words would imply that the person is being told the truth, rather than being deceived. Other antonyms for beguile might include words like disillusion, unmask, or expose. These words imply that the truth is being revealed, rather than being hidden. When we use these words, we are implying that the person was previously misled, but is now being given the truth. Ultimately, when we use antonyms for beguile, we are trying to express the idea that someone is being given the truth, rather than being deceived or tricked. By using these words, we can communicate honesty, integrity, and sincerity.

Usage examples for Beguile

The good woman watched over her with patient, yearning solicitude; and in seeking to beguile her sorrows, would half forget her own.
"Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists"
Washington Irving
He was now visited in his dungeon by crafty familiars of the inquisition, who, under pretence of sympathy and kindness, came to beguile the tediousness of his imprisonment with friendly conversation.
"Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists"
Washington Irving
The alder stick that the beaver cut yesterday, or the little mud pie that his paws have patted smooth; the knot that the young coons have used as a plaything in their den to beguile the hours when their mother was away; the tree against which two or three bears have measured and scratched their height; the log where the grouse drums; the discarded horn of a moose; the track of an unknown beast; the old den of a lucivee,-in all these things, and a thousand more, there is I know not what fascination that draws me a mile out of my course just to stand for a moment where wild little feet have surely passed and to read the silent records they have left behind them.
"A Little Brother to the Bear and other Animal Stories"
William Long

Famous quotes with Beguile

  • Liberty is the most jealous and exacting mistress that can beguile the soul and brain of man.
    Clarence Darrow
  • I am not merry but I do beguile The thing I am, by seeming otherwise.
    William Shakespeare
  • Without country you have neither name, token, voice, nor rights, no admission as brothers into the fellowship of the Peoples. You are the bastards of Humanity. Soldiers without a banner, Israelites among the nations, you will find neither faith nor protection; none will be sureties for you. Do not beguile yourselves with the hope of emancipation from unjust social conditions if you do not first conquer a Country for yourselves.
    Giuseppe Mazzini
  • Liberty is the most jealous and exacting mistress that can beguile the brain and soul of man.
    Clarence Darrow
  • Can anyone with intelligence really believe that a child born today should be doomed because the snake tempted Eve and Eve tempted Adam? To believe that is not God-worship; it is devil-worship. Can anyone call this scheme of creation and damnation moral? It defies every principle of morality, as man conceives morality. Can anyone believe today that the whole world was destroyed by flood, save only Noah and his family and a male and female of each species of animal that entered the Ark? There are almost a million species of insects alone. How did Noah match these up and make sure of getting male and female to reproduce life in the world after the flood had spent its force? And why should all the lower animals have been destroyed? Were they included in the sinning of man? This is a story which could not beguile a fairly bright child of five years of age today.
    Clarence Darrow

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