What is another word for civil law?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪvə͡l lˈɔː] (IPA)

Civil law, also known as Roman law or continental law, is a legal system that is based on written laws and regulations rather than on judicial precedent. The term generally refers to legal systems that originate from continental Europe, as opposed to common law systems that originated in the UK and its former colonies. Synonyms for civil law include statute law, legal code, codified law, and regulatory law. Civil law is often contrasted with criminal law, which deals with crimes and punishments, and is often used in conjunction with commercial law, family law, and other legal specialties. While civil law systems vary from country to country, they generally share a focus on legal codes rather than case law.

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Civil law is a term used to describe a legal system that focuses on resolving disputes between individuals and organizations. Some antonyms for civil law could include criminal law, military law, common law, or religious law. Criminal law pertains to offenses that are considered harmful to society as a whole, rather than just one individual or organization. Military law applies specifically to individuals within the armed forces, and often includes its own set of rules and regulations. Common law is based on judicial precedents, while religious law is derived from religious texts and doctrine. Each of these antonyms for civil law represents a different approach to legal systems and the resolution of disputes.

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Famous quotes with Civil law

  • Evolution swings open a door to do whatever the evolutionist pleases, as long as what he does is within the bounds of a civil law he is ever expanding to accommodate his sinful desires.
    Ray Comfort
  • The thought that merely thinking could be a crime does seem absurd. Absurd, that is, until you realize that if you are caught thinking about killing the president of the United States, you will find yourself in serious violation of civil law. You don't have to do the act. You simply have to be thinking about it.
    Ray Comfort

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