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A bank bill, also known as a banknote or currency note, is a piece of paper money issued by a country's central bank. There are several synonyms for bank bill depending on the region or country. In the United Kingdom, it is referred to as a "note" or "banknote." In the United States, it is commonly called a "dollar bill," while in Canada, it is referred to as a "loonie" or "toonie." In Australia, it is known as a "dollar note," and in New Zealand, it is called a "banknote." Regardless of the synonym used, bank bills serve as a vital medium of exchange in an economy and are an essential component of monetary policy.

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A bank bill is a paper currency note or bill issued by a bank. The first bank bills were issued in 1693 in England. Today, bank bills are commonly used in many countries around the world. Bank bills are printed on sturdy paper with a deeply embossed appearance. Most bank bills are multicurrency, meaning they can be used in several countries.

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