What is another word for deducible?

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[ dɪdjˈuːsəbə͡l], [ dɪdjˈuːsəbə‍l], [ d_ɪ_d_j_ˈuː_s_ə_b_əl]

There are several synonyms for the adjective "deducible", which means something that can be deducted or inferred. One common synonym is "inferable", which also refers to something that can be deduced or concluded from known facts or evidence. Another synonym is "derivable", which means something that can be obtained or deduced from a particular source or set of circumstances. "Concludable" is another synonym for "deducible", conveying the idea that something can be logically concluded or inferred from given information. Overall, these synonyms suggest that there are various ways to arrive at a deduction or conclusion based on available evidence or data.

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How to use "Deducible" in context?

Most people define deductive reasoning as the process of arriving at a logical conclusion by reasoning from general to specific. It can be broken down into two steps: premises formation and the deduction of the conclusion. Premises are the assumptions we make while reasoning and deductions are the conclusions we draw from those assumptions. Deductive reasoning is often used to support a thesis, to disprove a thesis, or to reach a practical end.

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