What is another word for pendulum?

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A pendulum is a simple mechanical device that swings back and forth with a regular, repeating motion. Synonyms for pendulum include "swinger," "oscillator," "metronome," "vibrator," and "tick-tock." Another related term that is sometimes used interchangeably is "pendular motion," which describes the motion of any object that moves back and forth in a regular pattern. Many people use pendulums as a tool for divination or dowsing, believing that the movement of the pendulum can provide insight or guidance. Regardless of how you use the word, there's no denying that the gentle, rhythmic swing of a pendulum can be both hypnotic and soothing.

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    The pendulum is an ancient instrument of measurement and timekeeping. It is a natural swing device, typically suspended by a length of string or wire, that oscillates back and forth between two points. A clock or watch Pendulum is wound up periodically, usually using a weight or a key, to keep the swinging motion going.

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