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Polar is a word often associated with the Earth's North and South poles characterized by freezing temperatures and harsh climates. However, it can also be used to describe stark contrasts, extreme opinions, or opposing views. Some synonyms for polar include divergent, antithetical, contrasting, conflicting, and oppositive. In the context of climate or geography, the terms arctic or frigid can be used in place of polar. Linguistically, synonyms for polar can be used to describe a binary opposition, such as positive versus negative or up versus down. The word polar remains a versatile descriptor, able to describe both physical and abstract ideas.

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How to use "Polar" in context?

In the physical world, things can be classified in two ways: object versus subject. With regard to the world of ice and snow, the two categories are the poles. The North Pole is the object, and the South Pole is the subject. The two poles have a tremendous impact on our planet, and in turn, on the people who live on it.

On a planetary scale, the poles are essential to the Earth's rotation. The Earth's axis of rotation is not perfectly aligned with the planet's spin, and this throws off the Earth's equilibrium, leading to a host of problems.

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      pole, multi-polarization.
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