What is another word for restrictive?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪstɹˈɪktɪv] (IPA)

Restrictive is a term that is generally used to describe something that limits or reduces the amount of freedom one can enjoy. Synonyms for the word "restrictive" include limiting, confining, constraining, inhibiting, constrictive, binding, and enclosing. Other synonyms for "restrictive" are controlling, hampering, hindering, impeding, oppressing, repressive, and suppressing. These words all suggest a sense of constraint or confinement that is imposed on someone or something which can be limiting and frustrating to individuals who crave independence and autonomy. For instance, a restrictive diet can limit a person's food choices while a restrictive law can limit the behavior of people.

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What are the opposite words for restrictive?

The word "restrictive" refers to limiting or confining something. Antonyms for restrictive include words that connote freedom, expansion, or liberation. These antonyms can include words such as "expansive," "generous," "open," "free," "unrestricted," or "liberating." An expansive policy promotes growth and innovation, while generosity brings about selflessness and empathy. Openness and freedom provide opportunities for exploration and experimentation, and least restrictive policies emphasize autonomy and choice. Finally, a liberating approach emphasizes the importance of breaking free from constraints or oppressions. The antonyms provide various perspectives for understanding restrictive policies or circumstances and the need for the opposite outlooks.

Usage examples for Restrictive

He spurned all conditions of a restrictive nature.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution"
L. Carroll Judson
A hundred workers only remained at the Gobelins which had once been a happy hive of more than eight times that number, and these were constrained to follow orders most objectionable and restrictive.
"The Tapestry Book"
Helen Churchill Candee
Both, in those respective periods, suffered from oppressive and restrictive trade laws and from burdensome taxation, from subordination of their interests to the interests of the people of a mother-country three thousand miles away.
"Cuba, Old and New"
Albert Gardner Robinson

Famous quotes with Restrictive

  • According to the new ethics, virtue is not restrictive but expansive, a sentiment and even an intoxication.
    Irving Babbitt
  • Color harmony was thrown out years ago, as restrictive chains were broken forming my free style.
    Frank Bruno
  • That means following a very restrictive fiscal and monetary policy which will squeeze the monopolies and cut their subsidies. On the micro level we will allow other economic agents, both domestic and foreign, to compete with them.
    Vaclav Klaus
  • A covenant made with God should be regarded not as restrictive but as protective.
    Russell M. Nelson
  • The government only makes restrictive rules, they don't show you what to do so you know, OK, here's where we need this many apartments, with open space, playgrounds, kindergartens.
    Harry Seidler

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