What is another word for aflutter?

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Aflutter is an adjective that describes a state of nervous excitement or anticipation. There are several synonyms for aflutter which are used depending on the context. Some of the common synonyms for aflutter are nervous, anxious, excited, agitated, and restless. These words are generally used to describe someone who is experiencing a high level of emotions or is unable to keep still due to nervousness or excitement. Other synonyms for aflutter could include fluttery, wiggly, or fidgety. Depending on the situation or context, using these synonyms can help to add variety and depth to one's writing and communication.

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How to use "Aflutter" in context?

The term "aflutter" is derived from the Dutch word "afluiten," meaning "toilet paper." When someone is "afluttering," they are using toilet paper excessively, and it has come to be associated with someone who is messy. In the online world, "aflutter" has come to mean to post something online multiple times in a short period of time in order to increase the visibility of the post.

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