What is another word for in effectual?

476 synonyms found


[ ɪn ɪfˈɛkt͡ʃuːə͡l], [ ɪn ɪfˈɛkt‍ʃuːə‍l], [ ɪ_n ɪ_f_ˈɛ_k_tʃ_uː_əl]

Semantically related words: ineffectual, without effect, without efficacy, without power, without force

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  • What does it mean to be ineffectual?
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    Synonyms for In effectual:

    How to use "In effectual" in context?

    Effectual has become the new buzzword in professional conversations. Many people are unsure of its definition or if it is even a word. Effectual is defined as producing the desired effect. It is often used in business and legal contexts to describe things such as legal documents, contracts, or negotiations.

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