What is another word for overbold?

Pronunciation: [ˌə͡ʊvəbˈə͡ʊld] (IPA)

Overbold is an adjective that describes a person or action that is excessively daring or bold, often to the point of recklessness. Some common synonyms for overbold include audacious, brazen, fearless, intrepid, impudent, and reckless. Other synonyms that convey a similar sense of boldness and daring include adventurous, daring, bold, adventurous, gallant, and valiant. These words can be used interchangeably with overbold in most contexts to describe individuals or actions that are bold, daring, and sometimes risky. However, it's important to be mindful of the context and connotation of each word to choose the one that best fits your intended meaning.

Synonyms for Overbold:

What are the hypernyms for Overbold?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for overbold?

Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning. The word "overbold" means excessively bold or daring. It can be used to describe someone who is too impulsive or reckless. The antonyms for "overbold" include words like cautious, timid, fearful, and hesitant. These words describe someone who is careful, reserved, and takes time to consider the consequences of their actions. Other antonyms include words like cowardly, coward, and submissive. These words describe someone who lacks courage or is easily intimidated. Using antonyms is a great way to expand your vocabulary and improve your writing skills.

Usage examples for Overbold

He had always suspected that some day an overbold play on his part would result in his undoing, and he had trained himself to look upon his ultimate defeat with the indifference of a cynic and fatalist, but he had never guessed that the crisis would come like this.
"The Gray Phantom's Return"
Herman Landon
Helen, deeming him overbold, sought to 'squelch' him with a look.
"The Desert Valley"
Jackson Gregory
Be bold, yet not overbold.
"By What Authority?"
Robert Hugh Benson

Famous quotes with Overbold

  • Ah son! compel me not to speak The sorrows of our race! That youth the Fates but just display To earth, nor let him longer stay: With gifts like these for aye to hold, Rome's heart had e'en been overbold. Ah! what a groan from Mars's plain Shall o'er the city sound! How wilt thou gaze on that long train, Old Tiber, rolling to the main Beside his new-raised mound! No youth of Ilium's seed inspires With hope as fair his Latian sires: Nor Rome shall dandle on her knee A nursling so adored as he. O piety! O ancient faith! O hand untamed in battle scathe! No foe had lived before his sword, Stemmed he on foot the war's red tide Or with relentless rowel gored His foaming charger's side. Dear child of pity! shouldst thou burst The dungeon-bars of Fate accurst, Our own Marcellus thou!
    John Conington

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