What is another word for squeamish?

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The word "squeamish" refers to someone who is easily disgusted or feels uneasy about certain things. There are many synonyms for this word that can be used in different contexts. Some examples of synonyms for "squeamish" include "sensitive", "nauseous", "unsettled", "faint-hearted", "queasy", "skittish", "timid", "nervous", "jumpy", and "apprehensive". Each of these synonyms conveys a slightly different shade of meaning, reflecting the emotional nuances that are associated with feeling squeamish. Whether you're describing someone's physical reaction to a smell or their psychological response to an unsettling event, there is sure to be a synonym for "squeamish" that fits your needs.

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How to use "Squeamish" in context?

The word "squeamish" describes someone who is excessively concerned about their own physical or emotional well-being. This involves a strong dislike or fear of certain types of stimuli, such as blood, wounds, or physical pain. Those with this condition might avoid certain activities or situations because they fear they will become ill or hurt.

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