What is another word for credential?

Pronunciation: [kɹɪdˈɛnʃə͡l] (IPA)

Credential refers to the proof or evidence of a person's qualifications or achievements. There are different synonyms for the word 'credential.' Some of the most common ones include qualification, certificate, diploma, degree, license, and accreditation. Qualification refers to a set of skills, knowledge, or experience that makes an individual suitable or eligible for a particular role. Certificates and diplomas are official documents issued to individuals upon the completion of a course or program. A degree is a qualification awarded to students after completing a higher education program. A license is a permit granted to an individual to perform a particular activity or job. Accreditation is a formal recognition of an organization's ability to meet certain standards.

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Usage examples for Credential

Our third credential is the fact that we have already out of practically nothing achieved so great a measure of success that we think we may reasonably be entrusted with this further duty.
Booth, William
Our fourth credential is that our Organisation alone of England's religious bodies is founded upon the principle of implicit obedience.
Booth, William
Our fifth credential is the extent and universality of the Army.
Booth, William

Famous quotes with Credential

  • Many say that most people are different from the picture that they project often in front of a camera about their image, so how could a survey or an opinion poll bring out the credential results.
    Anuj Somany
  • Where a generation ago people felt entitled to a chance at education, they now feel entitled to the credential affirming that they have completed a course of study regardless of their actual mastery.
    William A. Henry III

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