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Flexure is a term often used in engineering to describe a bending or curving movement. When describing flexure in an object, engineers may use synonyms such as bend, curve, twist, contort, or flex. These words can all be used to convey the same idea of a change in shape or position due to an applied force. Additionally, the word flexure may also be replaced with words such as deformation, deflection, or distortion, which all describe the same concept of a change in shape or position. The use of synonyms for flexure allows engineers to find the perfect word to describe a particular aspect of an object's movement or deformation.

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    Flexure, more commonly known as the "bend", is the amount of displacement of a joint when the joint is moved through its full range of motion. Flexure can be measured in a number of ways, but the most common are degrees of joint flexion and joint rotation. Joint flexion is the maximum degree to which the joint can be extended, while joint rotation is the maximum degree to which the joint can turn. Joint flexure is an important part of the body's joint function, as it allows the joint to move through a wide range of motion.

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